The VR Refiner is installed into the fuelling stations vent system to enable all displaced petrol vapours normally lost to site to be processed, converted to fuel and returned to the storage tank for immediate resale.

The installation is fast, low cost, and significantly the VR Refiner starts to contribute a profitable revenue stream from day one.

The new VR Refiner has incorporated all the latest technical design improvements gained from years of successful operational experience in various geographical and environmental conditions around the World.

The system has proven reliability and is now even more efficient whilst running costs are lowered. The latest model is smaller and lighter, quality materials ensure a minimum operating life of 20 years.

Fuel Management Technologies shall provide all the necessary support and training to ensure that full product performance and the expectations of our customers are met. Working alongside our trained local support engineers we can complete a detailed survey of each site and establish the optimum installation, additionally ensuring local maintenance and support is available.