Another Vision of the World

Humanity faces one of the greatest challenges of its history: to give the inhabitants of the planet sustainable energy solutions for its development, which will provide the world population with efficient, clean and renewable resources, thus preserving the environment and sustainability of the planet. planet.
At NERTA GROUP we believe that this is possible.
The scientific and technical advances in the sector of renewable energies, especially solar and wind, as well as the possibility of purification of water with more dynamic and efficient technologies, should allow us to universalize access to these resources, vital for human development.
NERTA GROUP focuses its activity on the energy sector, focusing on the development of wind and photovoltaic projects throughout the world, with special emphasis on the countries of the Mediterranean Arc, as well as on the treatment and purification of water, with desalination projects in all the world.

Our companies include NERTA SOLAR, NERTA WATER SOLUTIONS, FUEL MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES, as well as the associated companies KEIKEN ENGINEERING, INGENIUM and EDIBEL, with extensive experience in each sector, which allows us to cover the development of any project from its initial design to its start-up and even its subsequent exploitation.

NERTA GROUP also has the equipment and legal-financial knowledge necessary to face our projects with total legal and financial security.
We are fully convinced that it is possible to combine economic and human development with renewable energies and the generation of resources without endangering the planet.

We work on it.