Another Vision of the World

Humankind faces one of its greatest challenges yet; to supply the people with sustainable energy solutions for its further development. Thus, providing the world population with efficient, clean and renewable resources while preserving the environment and the planet’s sustainability.

At NERTA GROUP we believe this to be achievable.

Scientific and technological advances in renewable energies – especially in solar and wind applications – and the prospect of water treatment with increasingly dynamic and efficient technologies, should allow for better global access to these resources, vital for human development.

The NERTA GROUP centres its activity on the energy sector, focusing on the development of wind and photovoltaic projects throughout the world, with particular emphasis in the Mediterranean Arc, and on water treatment and purification, with desalination projects around the globe.

Our companies include NERTA SOLAR, NERTA WATER SOLUTIONS, FUEL MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES, along with the associated companies KEIKEN ENGINEERING, INGENIUM and EDIBEL. With extensive experience in its respective sector of activities, these allow us to cover any task from initial concept to start-up to its subsequent management.

In addition, the NERTA GROUP has a legal and financial team with the necessary know-how to undertake projects with the utmost certainty and security.

We believe in pooling economic and human development with renewable energies and generation of resources, without endangering the planet.

We’re on it.