NERTA WATER SOLUTIONS is the result of the know-how, experience and professional activity developed over the past 20 years by senior professionals in the business of desalination and water treatment in general.

The NERTA WATER SOLUTIONS team has successfully managed dozens of international plants and projects in different geographies during their respective professional careers, having dealt with all types of clients during the different stages of the life cycle of each project: bidding, design, execution, implementation march and operation thereof.

Nerta Water Solutions offers the best service over the last 20 years in the water treatment business. We offer services of:
· Engineering Consulting
· Technical Due Diligence of on-going plants
· Energy audits and energy efficiency studies for water treatment facilities
· PMC (Project Management Consulting) for new construction projects
· PMC for revamping and modernization of existing plants
· Design and manufacture of pilot and/or compact plants for desalination and water treatment
· R+D in new desalination technologies
· Supply of filter media for water treatment plants and desalination plants (ETAP, IDAM, etc...)
· Specific supplies for water treatment plants (MBBR carriers, filter nozzles, blowers, etc...)