With reference to the current situation where many countries are affected by the Covid-19, Nerta Group have the possibility to support Governments and Administrations urgent requirements offering COVID-19 Coronavirus test kits for professional use and detection.
Nerta have established a relationship with Sansure Biotech, one the main manufacturers for the supply of:

Sansure COVID19
Nucleic Acid Test Kit.

• An accurate and rapid detection method for clinical diagnosis and cure confirmation.
• 12,000,000 tests sold in over 40 countries.
• CE/CFDA/FDA Emergency Use Authorization.


• 90% sensitivity with 200 copies/ml.
• High accuracy with 2 target genes.
• Compatible with most common PCR systems, including Roche, Qiagen, Thermo Fisher, etc.
• 3 Solutions applied in diversified scenarios. (Iponatic portable system)/ Fully automated diagnostic (Natch CX-Slan96) / one tube methodology (Sample release reagent).
Sansure COVID19 Nucleic Acid Test Kit